Recycled wood Christmas Sleigh

This sleigh was built as part of our outdoor Christmas decorations for 2011.

Christmas sleigh and reindeer made from recycled wood

The sleigh was made entirely from recycled wood - mainly mdf and pallet wood, and the sleigh runners were made from the runners of a friend's old pine bed.


Recycled mdf was used to make the sides of the Christmas sleigh

The mdf used for the sides of the sleigh was an 8ft (2400mm) sheet bought from a hardware store for £1 - it was sold off as damaged stock as it had a couple of chips along the edge. This was sawn in half to make both side panels. I used an old length of aerial wire to help draw the curved shape of the sleigh.


Use a small pallet to make the seat

A small recycled pallet was used for the seat.


Add some wood to the front half for the seat -the back half will be used for 'presents'.

We had an olf mdf wardrobe, so used the back of it to cover the front of the seat. The back of the seat will be a storage compartment for presents.


Paint the sides of the Christmas sleigh

Paint the sides of the Christmas sleigh to your chosen design.


Prepare the sleigh runners - these came from a pine bed

Next, prepare the runners for the sleigh - these came from the long sides of a recycled pine wood bed.



The rest of the panels came from a recycled mdf wardrobe

Construct the rest of the sleigh - most of the remaining bits came from a recycled mdf wardrobe.


Add the end pieces to the box planter

Attach the runners, add some tinsel and outdoor decorations, and your recycled wood Christmas Sleigh is good to go! All you need now is some reindeer.


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