Where can I get Recycled Wood


Recycled Wood Projects - how waste wood can be reclaimed and recycled to create fun, useful, wonderful things and at the same time reducing landfill, making our world a more sustainable place

Sources of Recycled Wood

"Where can I get recycled wood?"

"Where can I find pallets?"

"Where can I get a pallet from?"

Are you asking these questions?

The simple answer is - Recycled wood is everywhere!


Take a trip to your local industrial estate - most companies receive deliveries on pallets and they have to pay for their disposal - let me repeat that - the companies have to PAY for the disposal of their pallets.

Their answer lies in YOU.

Most companies are happy for you to take away their pallets as it means they do not have to pay for the disposal.

The general rule of thumb is that if pallets are stacked neatly then these are the ones the company does not want you to take - they may have a further use for them (which is great, as it shows their commitment to recycling) or they may have a paid-for collection service.

If there is another pile not so neatly stacked then these are the ones the company is probably chucking out as rubbish - but beware - before you take even one of these pallets, contact the company - either phone them, knock on the door, or ask one of the staff - the worst they can do is say no.

If the answer is no, then don't lose heart - simply go to the next company - you can be sure at least one will be happy for you to take a pallet to recycle as again it means they don't have to pay for them to be removed.



Your neighbours

Have a look around your neighbourhood - people are constantly improving and renovating their houses. If you see wood in a skip or on a driveway ask them if you can have it - they'll usually be only too pleased for you to take it - remember, they have to dispose of it, so if you can take it away for your own recycled wood projects it means one less item for them to worry about.

Formal recycled and reclaimed wood projects

If you don't mind paying for reclaimed wood which has already been prepared for you to recycle, or even if you wish to buy an item made from recycled wood then there are numerous outlets set up specifically for this purpose.

These are fantastic sources of recycled wood projects and most offer items already built, ready for you to take away. Some of these wood recycling projects are shown below - if there isn't one local to you then please either search Google or your local Yellow Pages.

  • Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling Project - A Hastings (UK) based project set up with the dual purpose of recycling wood which would otherwise be destined for landfill and working with volunteers and local unemployed trainees to help develop skills that will be useful to them in finding work.

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