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Recycled Wood Projects - how waste wood can be reclaimed and recycled to create fun, useful, wonderful things and at the same time reducing landfill, making our world a more sustainable place

About Recycled Wood Projects


My name is Michael Blaney and I am the owner of RecycledWoodProjects.com.

My love for recycling wood started in March 2011, when I turned 40.

We had just moved in to a new house and we were blessed with a fantastic garden. It is about 140 foot long - the only problem is that it is all downhill!

I installed a patio area near the house, but it was only when my wonderful wife Wendy and her friend said we could do with a decking area that things really took off.

I explored the internet looking for a low cost solution and I discovered the world of recycling pallet wood. I built our first set of decking and then extended this to a raised bed. I needed something to keep the children from the edges of the decking so built a planter and a picket fence.

We had some work done to the house and asked the workmen to leave the wooden staircase. I used this to reach the lower level of the garden.

From there I built two 'walkways' and a lower decking area from reclaimed pallet wood.

Since then we've had Halloween and Christmas, and wanting to do something special for our children (at a very limited budget) I made some 'front of house' displays.

New projects keep coming up - the pirate raft "The Gull and Crossbones" happened because my daughter's teacher asked if I could build her a raft - and in Hastings, UK we have a relatively new celebration - Pirate Day - in 2012 I built a pirate ship made entirely from recycled wood.

We have since moved house to Ditchling Drive in Hastings. The garden is much smaller, but the projects keep coming!

Remember - waste wood is only waste to the people who need to throw it out, but to me and you it is a brilliant and often free source of wood.

By recycling one piece of wood at a time we can make the world more sustainable and teach future generations that there is another option - recycle!

Please explore the site and if you have any questions email me at michael@recycledwoodprojects.com

Enjoy your visit!



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