Recycled Wood Picket Fence

I needed to edge my decking with a fence. I didn't want a full panel as it would block the view and make the decking seem 'enclosed'. I wanted to keep it feeling 'open' and decided to design a picket fence.

Straps taken from pallets and slats from a pine bed were used for this picket fence

The upright pickets were made from recycled wood from dismantled pallets and slats from an old pine bed.


Recycled wood cut to size and rounded off

Depending on the length and height of your fence, you need to work out how many recycled wood uprights you will need. These need to be sawn to length and rounded off. Remember to keep the off-cuts as they will come in handy.

Sort your recycled pickets so you know you've got the right amount of the different sizes

Lay out your pickets so that you can easily pick the correct size when you install them

These supports are screwed into the side of the decking frame

Install the upright supports and the horizontal runners for your recycled wood picket fence.


Attach the upright recycled pickets to the runners

Start attaching the pickets to the runners - I use screws so the pickets can be easily removed if necessary.


Use spare recycled wood as spacers

Use a block of recycled wood to space the pickets evenly. Also lay a beam below the pickets to maintain a regular height above the floor. Remember to check your local building code for the minimum height of the smallest picket.


Add the rest of the pickets

Add the remainder of the pickets to complete the build.


Seal the fence with the colour of your choice

Finish off by painting your recycled wood picket fence with the colour of your choice..


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