Recycled wood box planters

Is there anything more pleasurable than seeing your own plants and flowers growing in a wooden box planter made by your own hands?

The great thing about making your own planters is that they can be built to your needs - you choose the width, you choose the length, and you choose the height!

The wooden box planter shown below was the first one I made - it looks so good I just had to make more!. The following steps show how to do it.

You don't have to use decking boards, you can use any reclaimed or recycled wood you've got to hand, but the grooves of the boards add that extra detail.


Three 2.4 metre decking boards are needed for a 1.2 metre long planter

For a 1.2 metre long planter you'll need three 2.4 metre decking boards. two will give you the long sides, and one will give you the short sides (with half a board left over - for use on another project!)


three 2.4metre decking boards should be enough for the sides of your recycled wood box planter

Cut the wood to length. This can be done by hand-saw, but I prefer to use my jig-saw - it really does help speed up the process. You will need two equal lengths for each side and two equal lengths for each end.


For each layer for your recycled wood box planter you need two lequal lengths for the sides and two equal lengths for the ends

Next, cut some strips from other recycled wood. You'll need six of these and they'll be used to support the two levels of the planter box. Keep the off-cuts as these will be used as spacers.


Lay down two of the long panels - the side you want on the outside of the planter should be face down

Put two of your long panels face down - these are reversible boards, so the side you want on the outside of your planter needs to go face down. Place two of the spacers between the panels to ensure a consistent gap.



Add the supports to the side panels - if you screw them in place, drill pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood

Screw (or nail) the supports in place - drill a pilot hole in the supports to prevent splitting the wood.


Add the end pieces to the box planter

Prop the side panels up - use a set-square or a small spirit level to make sure they are vertical. Put one of the end panels up to them and screw in place.


Add the remaining wood ends to the box planter

Add the other three end pieces to the planter and it should look something like this.


Screw the feet to the planter

Screw the feet to the planter - you can either use the remaining piece of decking board - cut three parts to the same width as your planter or use some of your other recycled wood.


Add some pallet straps to the inside to form a base

Turn your planter over and screw some old pallet wood straps to the feet. The width of the planter will determine how many and what width. Remember to keep some gaps for drainage.


The finished wooden box planter

Your finished wooden box planter. All you need to do now is fill it and plant it!


Handy hint - Common advice is to use broken crocks or polystyrene to aid drainage - I've started adding foam or sponge in the bottom to help water retention during drought - also - use old plastic compost bags to line your planters


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