Recycled Wood Projects - Turkish Table

Using just two pallets and some other recycled wood you can make this beautiful Turkish table...

Turkish table made from recycled wood and pallets

The Turkish-style pallet table shown above took me a couple of weekends and several evenings - but the end product was well worth it.

This recycled wood pallet will be the focus of your project - choose a nice one

Take one beautiful pallet...

Screw recycled wood straps across the underside of the pallet

Flip it over and using recycled wood from another pallet, attach the recycled wood straps across the underside of the pallet so that all gaps are covered - I prefer to use screws but it really is your choice if you want to use nails...

With all straps added underneath, your recycled wood Turkish table should begin to look like this

This is how it should look once you've put all the straps on, you'll also need to add some temporary side straps for the next step...



Mix up a small quantitiy of cement and fill the gaps

For this step you need some masking tape and cement. Put the masking tape along the pallet straps (to prevent 'spillage' contaminating your Turkish table surface) and use temporary wooden straps to contain the cement you spread.

Fill the gaps between the original pallet straps with cement and smooth them out. Go over them a couple of times until you've got a relatively smooth surface.

**You can use any other filler of your choice, but for this recycled wood project I preferred cement.

This is how your recycled wood Turkish table should look like at this point

When you have filled all the gaps your Turkish table should look like this..

This is how your table should look...

Remove the masking tape and you should have nice clean crisp lines.

The colour shown is Victoria, the masking tape helps prevent painting on the wood

If you want to leave the natural cement look then move on a few steps, otherwise lay some new masking tape alongside the cement strips and begin painting...The colour I chose for this Turkish table was Victoria from B & Q's own range.

Add some sturdy 'feet' and some cross-bracing

When you have finished painting the cement strips, remove the masking tape.

Add some legs to the table, along with cross-bracing for additional strength

Once your table-top is complete, it's time to concentrate on the underneath...Flip it over again. Decide on the height of your table and attach some sturdy feet. Cut these to length before you screw them to the underside of the frame. Attach some cross bracing such as the recycled pallet straps shown here.

Sand the underside of the table


When you've done that, sand the underneath.

Glue some runners for the drawers

Drawers will be added to your table, so while it is upside-down, glue on some runners...

recycled wood for the Turkish table drawers

Now your recycled wood Turkish table top and underneath is complete, you need to make some drawers. One way to do this is by using scrap plywood, slats from an old pine bed, and of course, some recycled pallet wood...

two sides, a front, a back, and a base are needed for each drawer

Saw your recycled wood to length for the front, back, and sides for each drawer - you'll need four drawers

Paint the drawer fronts

Now you need to paint the drawer fronts in whatever colour you choose....

Knobs needed for the drawers

You will also need a bunch of knobs - these came from an old bedroom cabinet...

attach the knobs to the drawers

attach the knobs to the drawers....


Corner pieces for the underside

Finish off the underside by adding corner-pieces...

The finished Turkish table

The recycled table will need a couple of coats of varnish, and then can be put proudly on display.

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