General Recycled Wood Projects

Recycled and re-claimed wood is fantastic - it can be used for just about anything!

Once you've dismantled your pallets or gathered up the slats from that old pine bed you are ready to begin making your very own creation! Planters, raised beds, fences, tables - the only limit is your imagination - just click on the pictures below.


Recycled wood box planter

My personal favourite is planters - I love making planters! And once your planter is made you can start growing all sorts of flowers and veg - so not only are you helping reduce landfill, you can also create new plant life and food!


Raised bed made from recycled wood

This raised bed was made entirely from recycled pallets and is about waist height - making it ideal for harvesting those vegetables while keeping it difficult for slugs and snails to reach.


Recycled wood corner planter

How about a planter to fit in that tricky corner of your garden?


Recycled wood picket fence

Got an area of the garden that needs fencing? Use your recycled wood to create a picket fence or a low-level fence with a shelf for drinks and plants!


Low level fence with shelf made from recycled wood

This low level fence was made from old broken fence panels and the shelf was made from the off-cuts from the picket-fence.


Recycled wood turkish table

Need a new table for the lounge? This Turkish-style table was made mainly from pallet wood. Click on the picture to see how to do it.

This table was rescued from a skip and recycled to make a beautiful new coffee table

Sometimes you may come across an old piece of furniture thrown out. This table was discarded as junk but has been recycled and now enjoys a new lease of life!

These projects may at first seem daunting, but believe me once you get started you'll get the bug and it'll all get easier - soon you'll be able to build a planter in about an hour!

Click on the links to the left or on the pictures for some step-by-step photographs.

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