A homemade Halloween display from recycled materials

It's that scary scary Halloween season again!

I wanted to do something special for my children last year and made a Halloween display from recycled materials. The display included two coffins, gravestones, a grim reaper, and the reaper's scythe.

Halloween display made from recycled materials

These homemade Halloween diy ideas are very simple to make and can be done at very little cost.


Halloween coffin from recycled mdf

The black coffin being guarded by the grim reaper was made from a recycled mdf wardrobe...



Halloween coffin made from recycled pallet wood

This upright Halloween coffin was made completely from recycled pallet wood. It was made to appear as though it was rising out of the ground...


Halloween grim reaper

The Halloween Grim Reaper was made from an old bed sheet, some chicken wire, and a scary "Scary Movie" mask.

Sadly, there are no photos to show how he was made, but the build was straightforward - just mould some chicken-wire to form the body, arms, and head (don't worry about legs), and drape it with an old satin bed-sheet.

Tie an old length of rope around the waist, and add a scary Halloween mask for the face.


Scary scary Hallowen Grim reaper's scythe

No Reaper is complete without his scythe and this was made using a piece of recycled pallet wood and and old branch taken from a tree at the bottom of the garden.



Halloween gravestones made from polystyrene

The gravestones were made from polystyrene - they are very easy to make - all you need is a craft knife and some paint. Click here or on the photo to see how they are made.


Scary scary halloween pumpkins

Homemade pumpkin Batman pumpkin

Witches cat pumpkin Crying princess Carrie pumpkin

You'll want to carve some scary scary Halloween pumpkins to finish off your display. Most of the pumpkins were carved using templates. Visit Extreme Pumpkins for some excellent advice on how to carve pumpkins.

Click on the pictures above or on the links to the left to see how these Halloween projects were made...

One of the great things about this Halloween display is that a complete stranger stopped by when we were putting up the display and offered us this fantastic pre-carved pumpkin!

Pre-carved pumpkin for our scary scary Halloween

Aren't people wonderful!


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