Seasonal projects

Christmas and Halloween - fantastic times! I wanted to do something special for my children and made my own Christmas and Halloween garden displays from recycled wood. If you want to make your own Christmas or Halloween display from recycled wood then these ideas might help!

recycled plywood reindeer

The sleigh was made from recycled pallets, some damaged mdf I bought at a DIY store for £1, and the sides of a pine bed. The reindeer were cut from plywood taken from a pallet..



Recycled wood Halloween

For Halloween, the black coffin was built from a recycled mdf wardrobe, the scythe came from a piece of pallet wood and a tree branch, and the upright coffin was built from pallet wood.


Recycled wooden heart

Maybe you want to create that special something for your loved one for Valentine's Day - have you tried pyrography? It literally means 'drawing with fire' and using the most basic of pyrography tools you can create your own designs like those shown on the wooden heart (made from an off-cut of recycled pine wood). It really isn't hard to do - if you can draw then you can pyrograph!


And if you can pyrograph, then how about this beautiful wooden plaque, made from a recycled piece of pallet wood?

Recycled wooden plaque for your loved one

Click here for Christmas recycled wood projects, here for Halloween recycled wood projects, and here for Valentine's Day - if there are others you'd like to try, let me know and I'll help.

Whatever you do - have a great time - believe me, the enjoyment and happiness on their faces is priceless!

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